Quinn Hedges


May 2019


I have some amazing events happening this month that I can't wait to share with you!

First Things First:
The Outcome will be releasing our latest single, "Home" on May 17th at Ace of Spades, opening for Zoso (A Tribute to Led Zeppelin). Tickets are $18 and can be purchased online HERE! Every ticket purchased through this link helps out the band a great deal!

Also, since this is the biggest stage that we will have collectively performed on to date, we have lined up the following press events!

  • Friday, May 3 - 4 PM - Andy & Jesse will be on "Listening Lyrics" on 95.7 KDRT to talk about the "Home" Single Release. Unfortunately, I have a prior engagement and will not be able to attend.

  • Saturday, May 4 - 9 AM and 10 AM - The Outcome will be on Good Day Sacramento!!

  • Monday, May 13 - 10 AM - The Outcome will be on FOX 40 News!!

We have put in so much effort into this event, if you have only seen me perform as solo musician, you should totally check us out, as you'll be in for a treat....and there's no better time than for this show!! 

Second things Second:
I have some awesome solo shows this month at the following AMAZING venues:

  • Casque Wines (Loomis, CA)

  • House of Oliver (Roseville, CA)

  • Prohibition Wine Lounge (Folsom, CA)

  • Wildwood Kitchen & Bar (Sacramento, CA)

I personally want you to know how much your support means to me. I've been performing since 2003 and cannot express how much the support from each and every one of you has helped me on my path as a musician and becoming a better person. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Musically Yours,

P.s. Baseball Season is in full swing!! You can just tell from the pictures below how excited Liam and Mason are! Go Phils!!
P.p.s. Last month, The Hedges family took a trip up to visit the amazing Redwoods! We even ate lunch with a herd of Elk!! Well...to be clear...we ended up dealing with a baby blowout poopy diaper and consoling a toddler during a massive meltdown because he slipped in the mud, and slapping together a slice of cheese and turkey on 2 slices of bread and inhaling it like we haven't eaten in days....while a herd of Elk watched.....and judged us. All in all, it was a great trip!

P.p.p.s. #nerdalert - Game of Thrones is amazing...(Deep Breath) even if you have to adjust the brightness on your TV to see the detail of the Whites battling the Dothraki and Unsullied during the Night King's instant winter storm outside the walls of Winterfell, while Deanerys and Aegon (yes, I called him that) saddle Rhaegal and Drogon in the ice clouds, Melisandra whips up some fire and lights the trench like an Eagle Scout, Bran sits there like a lump (just kidding...I know he's summoning the Night King to the wierwood tree), Theon attempts to be brave, Samwell cries (over and over and over again), and Aria schools the dead. Best Show Ever!!

All albums are also available for digital purchase on Bandcamp, iTunes, and most digital outlets. Click HERE to visit my Bandcamp store.