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Without You (2010)

Without You - Album Cover.jpg
Without You - Album Cover.jpg

Without You (2010)


With the intentions of "Without You" initially being a demo, Quinn Hedges and producer, Zack Proteau, set out to record a handful of acoustic songs. Once the tracking had begun, both Quinn and Zack quickly realized that there was a little bit more to these songs being recorded and decided to run with the idea of making it a full album. This album clearly displays Hedges' growth as both a songwriter and singer. The album is rounded out with the help of some special guests Alison Harris and Hilary Hedges (vocals on "Without You") and Teddy Rankin-Parker (cello on "Back Home").


released December 1, 2010

All songs written by Quinn Hedges
Quinn Hedges - Guitars, Mandolin, and Vocals
Zack Proteau - Bass
Alison Harris - Vocals on "Without You"
Hilary Hedges - Vocals on "Without You"
Teddy Rankin-Parker - Cello on "Back Home"
Brian Skewis - Backing Vocals on "She's Gone"
Jennifer Coombs - Backing Vocals on "She's Gone"
Michael Woodall - Backing Vocals on "She's Gone"
Ben Herte - Backing Vocals on "She's Gone"
Bernie Hedges - Backing Vocals on "She's Gone"
Produced, Engineered, & Mixed by Zack Proteau
Mastered by Michael Romanowski

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